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Personal Injury Attorney In Moultrie, Georgia

If you are injured as a result of the actions of another, you may be entitled to bring a claim for personal injuries. Personal Injury claims often result from car wrecks, slip and falls, medical malpractice, food poisoning, and product defects. If you have been injured, give me a call today.

Your rights are extremely important and you deserve to be represented by a lawyer with twenty years of experience in this area. I have helped a number of people with injury claims and my goal is to devote the time and energy it takes to bring about a successful conclusion to your claim and get you the money you are entitled to receive. I am ready to put my experience to work for you today.

Don’t remain silent if you have been injured due to the actions or negligence of another party. There is help available to guide you through the process of taking legal action to pursue fair financial compensation for your injuries. A successful personal injury claim could result in a monetary award that can help you pay your medical bills, cover for your lost wages due to an inability to work, and repair possible property damage that resulted from an accident.

Tips For Your case:

  • Evidence – take pictures of the scene, damages including injuries. Write down names and phone numbers of witnesses.
  • Notify your Insurance Companies as soon as possible.
  • Keep a list of each doctor you see, including hospitals and rehabilitation centers.
  • Collect medical records and bills including prescription costs.
  • Contact a lawyer promptly and immediately to protect the statute of limitations.

I represent people in Valdosta, Albany, Brunswick, and Moultrie, Georgia. Call my office today to schedule a consultation to start the legal process at 229-589-8973.