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What are some signs that a dog bite is infected?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Personal Injury

A dog bite becomes much more serious if it gets infected. This is a common problem with puncture wounds. At the time of the bite, the dog presses bacteria, dirt and other debris deep into the wound, which can eventually lead to an infection.

Some infections are very serious and could even have fatal complications. Even in situations where it is unlikely that the infection will turn fatal, it could lead to the need for antibiotics, surgery or other extensive types of medical care. So what are some signs that a dog bite has gotten infected and that this medical care is necessary?

Warning signs of infection

For someone who has suffered from a dog bite, it’s important that they note if any of the following happens:

  1. There is any sort of pus or drainage from the injury site. 
  2. The pain around the injury gets worse, rather than better. 
  3. There is a growing red area around the bite, perhaps that feels warm to the touch. 
  4. The person experiences symptoms of an illness, such as the development of a fever, a high temperature, nausea or chills. 
  5. There are red streaks on the skin, moving away from the infected bite.

As a general rule, any injury should slowly continue healing. Even if it takes time, a person should see consistent progress. When it appears that the bite is becoming worse or getting more painful instead, it may be time to talk to medical professionals.

Unfortunately, the type of treatment needed for a serious infection can be quite expensive. This is why those who have been bitten need to know if they have a right to seek financial compensation from the dog’s owner.