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Wrongful death caused by a semitruck crash in Georgia

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2024 | Personal Injury

Losing a loved one in a semitruck crash is a traumatic experience that can lead to a desire to seek justice for that death. One option that might be possible involves filing a wrongful death claim.

A wrongful death claim seeks to establish liability in a personal injury case in which the victim’s injuries proved fatal. It’s also a way that the loved ones of the victim can try to recover the financial damages they have incurred because of the untimely death.

The basics of wrongful death claims in Georgia

In Georgia, wrongful death claims allow the deceased’s family members or estate to seek compensation for the death that was caused by negligence or recklessness of another party. When a semitruck crash results in death, the complexities of commercial trucking regulations and the severe impact of these accidents often lead to significant legal challenges in establishing fault and pursuing damages.

Navigating semitruck crash claims in Georgia

Semitruck crashes are particularly complicated due to the involvement of commercial vehicles. The potential for multiple liable parties, including the trucker, trucking company, vehicle manufacturers and others can also complicate the claim.

Georgia law requires plaintiffs in wrongful death cases to prove that another party’s negligence caused the death. This involves demonstrating that the trucker or company failed to exercise reasonable care in operating or maintaining the vehicle. Evidence such as driver logs, vehicle maintenance records and accident reports plays a crucial role in establishing negligence.

Given the high stakes of semitruck accidents, the damages awarded in wrongful death claims can be substantial. In Georgia, these damages are divided into two main categories: the “full value of the life of the deceased,” which covers economic and intangible losses, such as lost wages and loss of companionship, and expenses related to the death, such as medical and funeral costs.

A wrongful death claim can be complex, so it’s beneficial for a victim’s family members to seek legal assistance for these matters. This effort can enable them to focus on their emotional healing while their representative keeps their case moving forward.