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When is your risk of a Georgia vehicle accident high?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2023 | Driving safety, Personal Injury

Since Atlanta is the most populous area in Georgia, those who live there face numerous car accident hazards every time they get behind the wheel. You may feel safer residing here in the less-populated southwest region but do not assume you are 100% risk-free.

Vehicle accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, but some conditions are more hazardous than others. If you live near Moultrie, here are some regional crash hazards to understand if you want to reduce your car accident risk.

Seasonal hazards

Every season comes with accident risks. For example, sudden downpours occur commonly in Georgia, contributing to weather-related accidents. We see little winter snow, but when it comes, collisions are likely. Fallen leaves, frost and farming vehicles (harvest season) may raise your accident risk in the fall.

Distracted drivers

Of course, collisions caused by driver distraction can happen anytime, but the risk may increase at certain times of the day. According to the Zebra, most distracted driving accidents occur between 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. If you must travel during these hours, be vigilant of your fellow drivers.

Drunk driving

Alcohol-involved car accidents can also occur at any moment, but Moneygeek says most fatal crashes happen on weekends. In fact, alcohol-related fatalities essentially double from Friday through Sunday. Adjust your driving behavior accordingly to reduce your risk on weekends.

Auto insurance laws exist to compensate those who suffer losses, including injuries, in a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, that does not mean you will get what you deserve after a collision harms you or a loved one.

Knowing more about the injury compensation laws in your state can guide you in maximizing your auto accident claim. Legal guidance may help you understand these laws.