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1 back injury can make repeat injuries more likely

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Personal Injury

Back injuries can be very serious for workers. They happen for a lot of different reasons. Some workers may slip and fall, for instance, while others may injure their back trying to lift heavy items or do excessively physical tasks. Overexertion is the root cause. Additionally, some workers may suffer back injuries in car accidents that happen while they’re on the clock.

No matter why these injuries happen, one important thing to keep in mind is that they can make subsequent injuries more likely. The initial injury may weaken ligaments or strain muscles. There could be scarring and other such issues that make these areas of the body less robust than they were before. Once an injury happens, it is much more likely that similar injuries are going to follow.

Focus on safety and health

Workers who have been injured, then, need to be sure that they carefully focus on their own health and safety in the workplace.

For instance, a worker who has to pick up heavy items may need to work with other employees to do so safely. They may also need mechanical lifting aids or injury prevention equipment like a brace. They may need to consider how to lift with their legs, rather than their back, by bending and practicing the proper technique.

All of these steps can help, but they do not guarantee that a second back injury won’t occur. That initial damage still remains, even if some healing has occurred. This means that even workers who use proper lifting techniques or mechanical aids, for instance, are still more likely to get hurt on the job.

Because back injuries lead to such extensive pain and discomfort, they can make it impossible for workers to stay on the job. They need to know if they deserve workers’ comp benefits to cover lost wages, medical bills and more.