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3 ways people successfully fight Georgia DUI charges

On Behalf of | May 20, 2022 | DUI Defense

3 ways people successfully fight Georgia DUI charges

People find themselves facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Georgia because they cause a car crash or get pulled over by a police officer. Whether the basis for the charge is your behavior at the wheel or the results of field sobriety and chemical breath test, the penalties you face might include jail time, large fines, the loss of your license and more expensive insurance when you do get your license back.

Every person accused of a criminal act has the right to defend themselves, but many people do not make use of that right. A surprising number of people simply plead guilty to DUI charges because they think they cannot defend themselves.

However, there are numerous strategies that can help you fight back against drunk driving charges in Georgia. Reading about some of the more common defense strategies can help you decide that going to court to fight back is the right choice in your case.

Question the validity of the traffic stop

Police officers need to have a valid reason to stop your vehicle. If your arrest was the result of targeted enforcement and not a collision, the officer needed to have probable cause to suspect a primary driving infraction when they pulled you over.

Speeding, non-working lights or aggressive maneuvers might all be grounds for a traffic stop. Pulling out from a popular venue that serves alcohol, however, is not.

Challenge the chemical breath test

If you felt honestly surprised at the results of the chemical breath tests performed during a traffic stop, then you may have reason to question the accuracy of the test itself. Mistakes by the police department, such as failing to install software updates or forgetting to calibrate the units may further compromise the accuracy of the test results.

Provide an alternate explanation

Maybe you have a medical condition, like diabetes, that might affect the accuracy of a breath test. Perhaps you follow a specialized diet or take medication that impacts those tests. If you have documentation that helps provide an alternate explanation for the results of your breath test or the field sobriety test, you could undermine the evidence that the state has against you.

Looking into all of your options can help you better fight back against Georgia DUI charges.