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Can you claim workers’ compensation after a crash on the clock?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Can you claim workers’ compensation after a crash on the clock?

Every company in Georgia needs to carry workers’ compensation insurance. A worker who gets hurt when they fall in a retail shop or get struck by a piece of machinery in a factory will know right away that they qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Other workers may fall into a sort of legal gray area when they get hurt, making them unsure of what rights they actually have. They may even think that workers’ compensation doesn’t apply because of the situation that led to their injury.

If you drive for your job, whether you operate a commercial truck or drive your own vehicle to a client’s business to check their equipment during a service call, you could get hurt in a car crash while working. Can you get workers’ compensation for collision-related injuries that keep you from doing your job?

Car crashes are a known job risk

According to data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 20% of all reported workplace fatalities involve car crashes. A significant number of worker injuries also relate to motor vehicle collisions.

Provided that someone was on the clock at the time of their crash, they can count on workers’ compensation benefits if they need time off to recover from their injuries or if they require medical care. In fact, workers’ compensation benefits can be an option in addition to an insurance claim against the other driver.

You still have personal injury rights even if you get workers’ comp

A surprising number of people don’t realize that they can make a claim against workers’ compensation and the insurance coverage for the driver who caused their crash. In fact, you can potentially take the other driver to civil court for causing a wreck that leaves you with major medical costs or a totaled vehicle even if you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

When you consider how workers’ compensation only covers a portion of your lost wages, you may quickly come to understand the financial value of a car insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against the driver at fault for the wreck. Learning more about the intersection of workers’ compensation and personal injury claims can help you get the financial resources you require after getting hurt seriously while driving as part of your employment.