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What does a Georgia DUI mean for your car insurance?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | DUI Defense

What does a Georgia DUI mean for your car insurance?

What you pay for car insurance depends on many different personal characteristics. Age is an important consideration. Younger drivers often have a higher statistical risk of causing a crash, so insurance companies tend to charge substantially more before people turn 25.

Given that women often suffer worse injuries in car crashes because of how safety design focuses on men, women tend to pay more for insurance than men do despite they are reduced likelihood of causing a crash or violating traffic laws.

Your driving record is another important consideration. Every insurance company will check your record when you apply for new coverage or renew an existing policy. The impact of a major traffic charge on your insurance costs is a powerful motivator to fight those charges.

How big of an impact does a DUI have on insurance?

The more traffic infractions someone has on their record and the more serious they are, the greater the possibility that they will eventually cause a collision. Driving under the influence (DUI) charges are some of the most serious negative marks that you can have on your driving record in Georgia, and they will absolutely affect what you pay for car insurance.

The increase in costs will be substantial. The average driver in Georgia pays $1,609 for coverage, while those who have a DUI on their record will pay $2,846 each year for the same coverage. That is a 77% increase, and it will last for years after your conviction. Those costs will be in addition to any licensing fees, court costs and fines you have to pay.

Will you lose your policy?

Not all insurance companies will continue to underwrite policies for drivers convicted of DUI offenses. Even if the same insurance company will keep you on as a client, they may charge you significantly more. You may need to change your insurance provider to seek out a better policy or more reasonable costs after a DUI conviction.

The only way to avoid the licensing and insurance consequences of a DUI charge in Georgia is to defend yourself against those allegations. Choosing to fight back against DUI charges can help you maintain a clean criminal record and could ultimately save you money despite the costs involved in going to court.