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Distracted driving: Don’t eat or drink these things while driving

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Driving safety

This may be the worst time in history for distracted driving. Cellphones, map apps, music and podcasts are only a few of the contributors. But a classic distracted driving activity is still among the worst: Eating and drinking.

If you’re going to sneak a sip or bite while driving, try to avoid these items.

Hot coffee

One of the most popular driving beverages is arguably the most dangerous. Spilled hot coffee can ruin clothes and upholstery and it can cause third-degree burns, depending on the temperature and how long it remains in contact with your skin.

To-go cups are usually the culprit, as they can leak and their tops aren’t always secure. But even screw-top coffee mugs can tip over and spill during a big bump or hard turn.

Food that requires two hands

This should be obvious, but included in this category are food with condiments, like French fries, and food that requires utensils. Even the 30 seconds of light weaving it takes to unwrap a burrito can draw attention from a police car. Unwrapped food in the passenger seat is the distracted driving equivalent of a smoking gun.

Greasy food

Fried chicken, wings, chili dogs and other food that leaves slippery residue on your hands can lead to steering wheel slips when you need to turn suddenly to avoid disaster.

Tacos, burgers, salad

Any food that has the ability to fall apart can be a distraction. Food scraps may not burn you like hot coffee, but it can stain which is something you don’t have time to worry about while you’re in rush hour traffic.

 Ice cream, chocolate

Any food the has the capacity to melt and leave stains that are difficult to clean should be avoided.

If you’ve been fined for distracted driving, you may be able to reduce your punishment with help from a seasoned lawyer. A short call for a consultation and advice is worth your while.