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How can drivers reduce the chance of injuring a pedestrian?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Driving safety

The moment a driver gets into their car, they must accept the responsibility it comes with. They need to take great care to avoid injuring anyone, especially those on foot who have no protection at all.

Many drivers hardly walk anywhere. Hence they may have forgotten what it is like to be a pedestrian. If they remembered how vulnerable it can feel, they might drive better.

Here are a few things drivers should consider:

Slow down where people tend to walk

Hopefully, drivers won’t come across too many people trying to cross the interstate on foot. Yet areas around houses, shops and schools make people on foot much more likely.

The speed limit is a maximum, and it often makes sense to cut speed further because slowing down increases the chance a pedestrian survives a car hitting them.

Make sure their lights are working well

You often see recommendations telling people to wear bright reflective clothing when walking. Yet that suggests it is walkers’ responsibility to ensure a car does not hit them rather than the other way around.

Not everyone wants to walk around dressed like that, and if everyone drove carefully, they wouldn’t need to. Anyone driving can help by ensuring their headlights work and possibly upgrading to brighter bulbs.

Stay focused

A driver who is distracted by their phone or turned around to settle their dog will likely miss a pedestrian in the road in front of them, even if the person is wearing head-to-toe fluorescent orange. Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road.

If a driver injures you while walking, you may need to seek legal help to hold them responsible.