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Who pays your costs after a car crash while you’re on the clock?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2023 | Car Accidents

Some people drive for almost their entire shift at work. Many people drive taxis and buses and spend almost their entire workday in a vehicle. The same is true for commercial transportation specialists who operate 18-wheelers.

Many other professionals spend part of their day in a vehicle. Maybe you are the assistant manager at a restaurant and you have to take last night’s deposit to the bank and pick up change. Perhaps you work for an HVAC repair company and make house calls to inspect and correct problems.

Whenever you have to drive while on the clock, the possibility of a crash exists. Crashes are a leading cause of worker injuries and deaths. Even if you are a safe driver, you could cross paths with someone texting at the wheel or drunk.

Many people worry about what options they will have for compensation if they get hurt in a crash while working. They may need to repair their vehicle, pay for medical expenses and replace lost wages. What forms of compensation can you pursue after a car crash while working?

Workers’ compensation

Any injury or illness that you acquire specifically because of your employment may make you eligible for Georgia workers’ compensation benefits. Unlike health insurance, workers’ compensation coverage will pay for all of your care costs with no copay, coinsurance or deductible.

It will also provide you with disability benefits if you missed multiple days of work, although disability pay is never the full amount of someone’s lost wages but rather a portion of what they usually make. Even that reduced amount is subject to a state-imposed maximum.

You could still have hundreds of dollars in lost wages and also property damage coverage losses that workers’ compensation won’t pay. What protects you from those losses?

The other driver’s insurance

When you are not at fault for a crash, you may be in a position to file an insurance claim. Liability coverage can pay to repair your vehicle and for any other property damage losses you suffered. It can also help cover additional expenses that workers’ compensation does not fully cover, like the remainder of your lost wages.

In the unusual but still possible scenario where the driver at fault does not have insurance, making a claim against your own policy could help if you carry uninsured motorist protection. Other times, taking them to civil court might be necessary. Learning about the options that you have following a motor vehicle collision while working can help you more effectively cover your costs.