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4 kinds of traumatic brain injuries you can suffer in a wreck

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Car Accidents

People frequently suffer from injuries after car accidents. Some injuries people incur in these wrecks, such as cuts and bruises, will probably heal quickly.

However, a driver or passenger may have suffered a wound that led to a traumatic head injury – and that isn’t something that heals easily. There are several kinds of traumatic head injuries, including:

1. Concussion 

In any kind of major or minor car accident, people may suffer from a concussion. A concussion occurs when a person’s head rattles back and forth in a way that might injure the brain. By hitting the inner walls of the skull, the brain may release chemicals or suffer from an injury that causes the victim to feel nauseous and confused or pass out.

2. Coup-contrecoup injury

When the brain is injured on the same side that the head injury occurred, then the victim may have suffered a coup. If the brain injury appears on the opposite side of the head wound, then it’s a contrecoup. The brain can be injured on opposite ends at the same time, which is referred to as a coup-contrecoup.

3. Cerebral contusion

The brain can be injured in such a way that it bruises, which can happen after the victim suffers a heavy blow or strike to the head. The bruising can swell and put pressure on the brain and skull, causing the victim to feel pain. In some cases, blood vessels will break and bleed into the brain tissue, also called a cerebral contusion. A cerebral contusion can greatly harm a person’s mental function in the long run.  

4. Skull fracture

Some hits to the head can cause the skull to fracture. This could also occur if an object penetrates the skull. While some skull fractures are minor, some can seriously harm the brain. A depressed skull fracture, for example, may cause the bone to bend inward and place pressure on the brain, which often requires surgery to prevent damage to the brain. While a compound skull fracture may break the skin and bone, harming the brain.

You shouldn’t have to suffer from outrageous medical bills for a car accident you didn’t cause. Understanding your legal rights could help you recover from your injuries and losses.